Date: 27.08.2022     Day: Saturday

League: NETHERLANDS Eredivisie
Match: Feyenoord vs FC Emmen
Odds: 1.35    Result: 4:0 Won


Date: 27.08.2022     Day: Saturday

League: AUSTRIA Bundesliga
Match: LASK  vs  Altach
Odds: 1.40    Result: 4:1 Won


Date: 27.08.2022     Day: Saturday

League: ITALY Serie A
Match: AC Milan vs Bologna
Odds: 1.40    Result: 2:0 Won

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Rigged football matches

One of the FIXED MATCHES SURE PREDICTIONS  uses for expected goals is analyzing how important specific tactics are in a soccer match. This article explains why bettors need to understand the importance of the speed of attack when betting on soccer. Read on to find out more.

Whilst this xG data will provide you with a greater level of insight than merely looking at goal or shot figures, it is still limit as it treats all shots (big chances aside) from an area of the pitch as worth the same value.

How does speed of attack impact the chance of scoring?

The speed of the attack has a massive impact on how likely a shot is going to be score. Fast breaks usually occur during counter attacks, when the opposing team’s defence is not set properly. A shot in such circumstances will have a better chance of being convert. If a side has two banks of four players FIXED MATCHES SURE PREDICTIONS to minimise the routes to FIXED MATCHES SURE PREDICTIONS  goal.

The good news for bettors is more and more websites which provide expected goal data are appearing.And more importantly, some break the figures down depending on a variety of factors.

This article will take a look at some of their data to see what insights it can provide and whether they can assist with your betting choices. For the purposes of this study I have focussed on the 14 teams who have been in the Premier League for the last three full seasons. And are still there in 2017/18. These teams have the largest understat dataset available and will be of most interest to bettors as they remain in the top flight.

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As we can see, shots produced from fast attacks are rare, but they are comfortably the most potent attack speed. For bettors to potentially use this information to their advantage, they need to know how different teams fare compared to the average. This is relevant both in terms of how potent their fast attacks are and how often they do them. Here are the team-by-team figures, sorted by expected FIXED MATCHES SURE PREDICTIONS goals per shot.

Bear in mind that the above figures are taken from three seasons, or 114 matches, so most teams don’t even average one fast attack for or against per game. But we can see which teams have been strongest and weakest at both ends of the pitch in terms of chance quality. The data can also be use to see how teams fare in terms of converting their fast attack shots.


Most teams are understandably in a similar position here as they are on the expected goals per shot table, but there are also some big movers.


On the attacking side, Everton are the only team to have moved by more than two places in the table. The Toffees had the seventh best xG per shot on fast attacks over the last three full seasons, but the second-best rate of converting those shots.

Without watching the attacking moves back on video it’s impossible to say how they scored so many, but their underlying expected goal figure suggests it won’t continue. Indeed, Everton only scored one of their first 12 fast attack shots in 2017/18.

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There are eight teams who have move by more than two places on the defensive tables, which is in part due to the range of conversion rates being more tightly pack than it is on the attacking side. The main movers have been Manchester United, who have allowed the fourth highest expect goals per shot on opposition fast attacks but have the third best rate of shot conversion.

To explain why would again require a review of video footage, but it seems reasonable to assume that having a goalkeeper of the quality of David de Gea will have certainly played a part.


Teams change managers, stadiums and there is always a churn of players when the transfer window is open. Take Liverpool for instance; fast attacks have historically been below average in shot quality terms, yet their figure has more than doubled in 2017/18 since they bought Mohamed Salah. They aren’t having more fast attacks, but they are of better quality and more likely to result in goals when they do.

Perhaps the main issue bettors face when it comes to utilising data of this nature is that they have no way of knowing what tactics a manager will employ in advance. Fortunately, understat carry data on expect goals depending on what formations team use, so that will be investigate in a future article.

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