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Rigged Fixed Bets 1×2

Rigged Fixed Bets 1×2

Rigged Fixed Bets 1×2

(IMPORTANT: Tips are singles)

Date: 15.10.2022     Day: Saturday

League: GERMANY Regionalliga West
Match: Schalke II  vs  Ahlen
Odds: 1.85      Fulltime 2:2


Date: 15.10.2022     Day: Saturday

League: GERMANY Regionalliga Sudwest
Match: Ulm  vs  Kassel
Odds: 1.30     Fulltime 3:0


Date: 15.10.2022     Day: Saturday

League: NORWAY Eliteserien
Match: Rosenborg  vs  Stromsgodset
Odds: 1.40     Fulltime 3:0


Date: 15.10.2022     Day: Saturday

League: WALES Cymru Premier
Match: Connahs Q.  vs Cardiff Metropolitan
Odds: 1.60     Fulltime 2:0

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Betting Rigged Fixed Bets 1×2

With more than 4 billion fans, premier league football games are the most popular game in the entire globe. Many people enjoy viewing and following premier league football games, but betting on a football match fixed makes it even more thrilling. With Rigged Fixed Bets 1×2, you can earn money instantly and securely. On the other hand, majority of us are familiar with football sports games. Betting odds fixed matches 1×2 and know why one Premier League squad is preferred over the other.

There are numerous well-liked alternatives for gambling on the Premier League football games. Namely the spread, gambling line, and over or under. Prop gambles are another option that let you place a stake on virtually anything that could occur during a Premier League football game. With Manipulated Fixed MATCHES  they including important individual performance statistics. Football odds fixed matches are typically established by Las Vegas (the biggest casino line in the world). They are used by bookies all throughout the United States.

In this post, we’ll look at how gambling in the English Premier League may be successful. We’ll also offer some advice on how to bet smarter fixed matches and how to utilise the odds to your advantage using our Rigged Fixed Bets 1×2.

Rigged Fixed Bets 1×2 Gambling

We’ve observed a correlation between gambling on football fixed matches and the game of football fixed games correct score. Bookmakers had very few sporting events to accept bets on after the terrible time thanks to the coronavirus. Bookmakers are prepared to accept your bets now as everything has returned to normal.

Correct score fixed matches

The fact that premier league football gambling is quick and simple to accomplish is what draws many individuals to it. Most gambling sites offer a user-friendly and easy to use layout that should be simple for anybody to use, even if they are not particularly tech-savvy or are entering the gambling world for the first time. There are a huge number of virtual bookmakers to select from. It only takes a few clicks to enter money in your online gambling account and you are ready.

Rigged Fixed Bets 1×2

Additionally, a lot of internet bookmakers have applications that you may download and install to your tablet or smartphone to wager while you’re on the move. By gambling on live games, as is now popular, on cryptocurrency gambling websites, you may use these applications to your benefit.

Rigged Fixed Bets 1×2 English Premier League

You should be informed that various bookmakers will give different probabilities on each premier league football games correct score before making a wager. It is wise to look around to determine the perfect possibilities for the gambling. As opposed to the standard consumer to business settings where you are restricted to the probabilities of the particular location where you put your wager. For that many gamblers prefer internet gambling. You may compare all the chances on every English Premier League football game from several bookmakers by placing a virtual wager. In the long term, it will maximise your earnings.

Genuine fixed matches today

A Better and Massive Coverage Fixed Matches

When compared to other premier leagues like the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, or any other, gambling on the football fixed matches has an edge. There is more data given on the English premier league football games than compared to any other competition in the world, and it is covered extensively on a global scale.

You must take benefit of this since the more knowledge you have, the more precisely you can make your gambling predictions. Pay attention to the following while placing bets correct fixed matches score.

Football safe tips 1×2 betting In this case, the likelihood of an event happening exceeds the chances offered by the bookmaker. In different terms, compared to what bookies anticipate, a football correct score matches club or athlete has a considerably higher probability of winning, according to different predictive analytics algorithm! You just have to select the best one and get the results you are looking for.





Date: 10.10.2022     Day: Monday

League: ENGLAND Premier League 2
Match: Derby U21  vs  Nottingham U21
Odds: 1.70      Fulltime 0:1


Date: 10.10.2022     Day: Monday

League: PORTUGAL Liga Revelacao U23
Match: Portimonense U23  vs  SC Farense U23
Odds: 1.85     Fulltime 0:1


Date: 10.10.2022     Day: Monday

League: POLAND Ekstraklasa
Match: Rakow  vs  Legnica
Odds: 1.30     Fulltime 1:0


Date: 10.10.2022     Day: Monday

League: SWEDEN Allsvenskan
Match: Hammarby  vs  Varberg
Odds: 1.30     Fulltime 5:1

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FIXED MATCHES 1*2 DRAW Opinion is free, but strong information is very expensive. Which is a harsh reality for VIP bettors who derive an edge from reacting to news before the odds do. In an ever-more digitally connected world the volume of free opinion is rising exponentially. This is bringing us to the point of a ‘post-truth’ era.

Successful betting is ultimately about the acquisition of accurate information. That can come as proprietary data feed or an overheard conversation. It really doesn’t matter, so long as the information is accurate. It is important that you get it first.

The search for truth

For the majority of bettors however, without fibre optics, sophisticated models or contacts, this kind of crucial insight is beyond them; their information comes second-hand from the internet and social media, which presents a problem. Given that ‘FIXED MATCHES 1*2 DRAW’ is so expensive those that know aren’t talking, and those that are talking often don’t know, yet human nature is a sucker for a story.

Winston Churchill is widely attributed to have come up with an aphorism that elegantly suggests why misinformation moves faster than fact. “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”.

If this sounds like an exaggeration listen to Anthony Adornato, Assistant professor of journalism at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications talking about a survey conducted of US media [Forces at the Gate – May 9th, 20161].

Gambling correct scores agreed results

“A third of respondents indicated their stations have reported information. This was from social media that was later found to be false or inaccurate. One of the more striking findings of this study is. Of those newsrooms that have social media policies, nearly 40 percent said the policy does not include procedures. These procedures were for verifying social media content before it is included in a newscast.”

Another 2015 study by the Media Insight Project2 suggested that 88% of millennials get news regularly from Facebook.


Without going overboard on quotations, there is perhaps another which touches more on human nature. And explains why lies or misinformation is often more interesting than reality. So the story goes Michael Lewis, author of the Big Short and Flash Boys. Overheard this in a Washington DC Bar “The truth is poetry, but people f#cking hate poetry”.

This more visceral and blunt appraisal of our weakness for lies was used by Lewis as part of his commentary on the 2008 financial crash. And attempt to understand why so few people were prepared to challenge the prevailing thinking around the impending implosion of sub-prime mortgages.

Those few that were able to appreciate the poetry of what was happening right under the banks. Regulators and ratings agency noses’ made a lot of money. If anyone who aspires to do the same through betting – though maybe not quite at the same scale – might do well to think about what that means. The only way to do this would be through MANIPULATED FIXED MATCHES that can produce GUARANTEED results.


Betting football matches 1×2 today tips

Wind forward  and one of the biggest talking points was the sheer surprise of the result, and how it conflicted with the established opinion – betting, polls and financial markets.

A lot of that has to do with the specific dynamics of trying to judge public sentiment at an arbitrary point in time (i.e. an election). Much of the aftermath has focused on the extent to which fake news may have misled the electorate – and by extension – bettors.

Yet ironically what may ultimately have  unexpected rise to success was the sense of certainty he offer voters – on the economy, immigration, defence – in such an uncertain world.

Fake News is Old News

There will certainly be several books and documentaries written about the subject and the word ‘post-truth’ is certain to feature heavily; it was the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year for 2016.

A state in which “objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.”

But fake news isn’t really a new phenomenon. By gatekeepers such as Monasteries creating an inherent bias. Even after Guttenberg’s invention rumours still spread easily e.g the fire of London in 1666. Where rumours of Catholic plots spread faster than the flames3 or the misquoting of Marie Antoinette.





Date: 09.10.2022     Day: Sunday

League: FRANCE Ligue 1
Match: Rennes  vs  Nantes
Odds: 1.55      Fulltime 3:0


Date: 09.10.2022     Day: Sunday

League: KAZAKHSTAN Premier League
Match: FC Astana  vs  Ordabasy
Odds: 1.45     Fulltime 6:0


Date: 09.10.2022     Day: Sunday

League: ITALY Serie A
Match: AS Roma  vs  Lecce
Odds: 1.40     Fulltime 2:1


Date: 09.10.2022     Day: Sunday

League: NETHERLANDS Eredivisie
Match: Utrecht  vs  AZ Alkmaar
Tip: OVER 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.70     Fulltime 1:2

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Correct scores big odds 

With BEST CORRECT SCORE FIXED MATCHES As a bettor are you aware that you can use standard deviation to predict sure betting outcomes ? Find out what the standard deviation is, how to calculate it and apply it to your betting correct scores.

In BEST CORRECT SCORE FIXED MATCHES, we explained why professional bettors should not solely rely on the average, given its tendency to be influenced by outliers, and its inability to show the dispersion within a set of numbers.

A quantity expressing by how much the value of a group differ from the mean value for the group. Different metrics are either used directly or are input parameters for a function or distribution of BEST CORRECT SCORE FIXED MATCHES.

Poisson vs. Normal Distribution

For example, vip bettors are known to use a Poisson distribution model to predict the number of goals score per team in a sure soccer game. However, this distribution has just one input parameter – the average – and is a discrete distribution – produces outputs as whole numbers.

Predicting goals spread in the Premier League

As a test case let’s look at game goal difference in soccer. The goal difference per match seems to be normally distribute. The goal difference is the number of goals score by the home team minus the goals score by the away team, with a zero resulting in a draw.

Betting fixed matches 

Lets look at the data from the 2013/14 Premier League season:

  • Man City recorded the biggest home win – 7-0 against Norwich
  • Liverpool’s 5-0 win at Tottenham was the biggest away victory
  • The average goal difference was 0.3789 (median & mode = 0)
  • The standard deviation was 1.9188.


A number of conclusions can be take from the data. Primarily the most popular goal difference is a draw, and the distribution is close to symmetric, with a favour towards home wins. However, our focus for the article is the standard deviation.


The normal distribution uses the two parameters (average and standard deviation) to create a standardised curve. In this, around 68% of the distribution lies within one standard deviation away from the mean, and 95% lies within 2 standard deviations.

In this case we expect 68% of games to end up between -1.5399 and 2.2977 goals (i.e. 0.3789 + 1.9188). The continuous nature of the curve does have its limitations: -1.5399 goal difference is not possible.

Rigged soccer games

In order to estimate a home win by a goal difference of 1. 1 can be move from a discrete (whole) value of 1, to represent the continuous range between 0.5 and 1.5. For each value we can then calculate its difference from the mean in terms of standard deviations.


The great thing about this is that we can now remodel the normal distribution as shown. In this case we’d need to find the area of the region shaded in orange.

The area shade in blue, showing the probability of less than 1 goal (or its continuous equivalent being less than 0.5 goals) can be find to be 52.15%.

While it is not the aim to delve deep into the BEST CORRECT SCORE FIXED MATCHES of this. It can be find using most spreadsheet software (in MS Excel: =NORM.DIST(0.5,0.3789, 1.9188,1). Similarly the probability of under 1.5 goals is 72.05%. Therefore we expect 19.53% between these two values.

Consequently out of 380 matches, we would have estimated 74.22 games ending with the home team winning with just one goal difference. In reality there were 75 games, so this was very close.





Date: 07.10.2022     Day: FRIDAY

League: AUSTRIA 2. Liga
Match: Dornbirn vs BW Linz
Tip: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.55      Fulltime 2:5


Date: 07.10.2022     Day: FRIDAY

League: NETHERLANDS Eerste Divisie
Match: Jong AZ  vs  Breda
Odds: 1.65     Fulltime 4:0


Date: 07.10.2022     Day: FRIDAY

League: ISRAEL Leumit League
Match: Maccabi Petah Tikva  vs   Hapoel Umm al-Fahm
Odds: 1.85     Fulltime 1:0


Date: 07.10.2022     Day: FRIDAY

League: CYPRUS Division 2
Match: Omonia Aradippou  vs Anagennisi Derynia
Odds: 1.70     Fulltime 2:2

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Best football predicitons daily

Is finding value in overlooked outliers a feasible sure betting strategy? How can such an outlier be found? This FIXED MATCHES WIN PREDICTIONS article discusses the opportunities and difficulties presented by searching for teams in the safe betting market.


A topic I’ve written about FIXED MATCHES WIN PREDICTIONS before is the importance of information in betting. Prices are make up of the sum of information available to the market, so how can an individual bettor gain an edge?

Uncovering overlook outliers is an intuitive concept for aspiring professional bettors and makes sense in theory. Bookmakers cover a vast range of sports and events that they must be spread thinly, versus a vip bettor who can focus on one.

In general, the market is efficient but an optimistic best bettors tells himself he only needs to find one opportunity whilst the bookmaker only needs to overlook one aspect of a fixture to provide one.

In a market proven to be highly efficient how realistic is this?

The case for outliers: Smart people miss things

The world has provided us with examples of very smart people doing seemingly not very smart things. Often something that seems obvious in hindsight is seemingly missed by the major fixed matches of market participants, even when they are strongly incentivised to do so.

Famously, former NBA player Jeremy Lin was a possible victim of a lot of seemingly smart people doing a not-so-smart thing.

Lin, despite being an NBA level talent, somehow received no Division 1 basketball scholarship offers. He then starred as a walk-on at Harvard only to go undrafted in the NBA draft. This despite statistics that pointed towards him being a high value pick.

Rigged soccer games

In Michael Lewis’ book “The Undoing Project” Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey talks about how he opted against drafting Lin even though he scored highly enough on the Rockets’ player models to be a possible first round pick. This was because Lin was considered to be “unathletic”. This turned out to be an example of smart a man doing an unsmart thing with FIXED MATCHES WIN PREDICTIONS.

Began to measure the speed of a player

“A year after the Houston Rockets failed to draft Jeremy Lin, they began to measure the speed of a player’s first two steps: Jeremy Lin had the quickest first move of any player measured. He was explosive and was able to change direction far more quickly than most NBA players”.

Finding an outlier: Did the market miss Kosovo?


Kosovo became a FIXED MATCHES WIN PREDICTIONS in May 2016, allowing them to enter their national team into official competitions. Their first official competitive fixtures played out how largely how we would expect team ranked as one of the worst in the World by FIFA to play out. They had one surprise draw versus Finland in their first ever game followed by nine consecutive defeats. This includes a thrashing by Croatia.

A glance at Kosovo’s record and World ranking would cause many people to rank them as one of the worst teams in Europe.

Free tips today 1×2

That glance would have missed out some vital information, however. For a new team, that was Europe’s youngest and yet to play an official game with true home advantage, it was decidedly unfair to rank Kosovo alongside the likes of Malta and Andorra.

One glance at the talent in the squad was enough to see that they had a higher ceiling than simple statistics suggested. This became especially apparent when their UEFA Nations League group was drawed.


This was reflect in the odds of the initial matchups in the group. In their home games against the Faroe Islands (betexplorer.com odds):

Kosovo to win odds vs. Faroe Islands 1.61 (home)

Azerbaijan to win odds vs. Faroe Islands 1.53 (home)

Based on market value alone Kosovo were very similar to the Hungary team that hosted the Faroe Islands during World Cup qualifying. Hungary were price at 1.33 to win that match despite in theory possessing a squad no stronger than Kosovo’s. In this case it is possible Kosovo were a Jeremy Lin style outlier.

Fixed matches 100 sure

Fixed matches 100 sure

Fixed matches 100 sure

Date: 11.07.2022     Day: Monday

League: FINLAND Veikkausliiga
Match: Ilves   vs  AC Oulu
Tip: Over 2.5 goals 
Odds: 2.10    Result: 0:2

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Fixed matches 100 sure

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