HT FT Fixed Matches Single Double Bets

HT FT Fixed Matches Single Double Bets

HT FT Fixed Matches Single Double Bets

(IMPORTANT: Tips are singles)

Date: 18.10.2022     Day: Tuesday

Match: Hoek  vs  Heerenveen
Odds: 1.50      Fulltime 2:2


Date: 18.10.2022     Day: Tuesday

League: ENGLAND EFL Trophy
Match: Burton  vs  Bradford City
Odds: 2.35     Fulltime 4:0


Date: 18.10.2022     Day: Tuesday

League: ENGLAND EFL Trophy
Match: Bolton  vs  Leeds U21
Odds: 1.65     Fulltime 3:0


Date: 18.10.2022     Day: Tuesday

League: ENGLAND Premier League
Match: Brighton  vs  Nottingham
Tip: home win
Odds: 1.45    Fulltime 0:0

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To be profitable in sports betting, staking HT FT Fixed Matches Single Double Bets strategy is as important as finding value odds. With many progressive staking systems, such as the Labouchere system, promising almost infinite wealth, are they a good idea to follow? Here’s the academic answer to the question.

The Labouchère staking system is a progressive staking method acording to which a bettor continues to bet until a particular winning fixed matches sure win bets amount is reached, and is traditionally used for Roulette.


Labouchère can be easily extended to sports betting and the steps involved in applying this HT FT Fixed Matches Single Double Bets are the following:

Decide how much money you want to win. Let’s aim, for example, to win $100.

Determine how you will split this money. Say you split it up over five values: $10, $20, $40, $20, $10.

Place a bet that would win the sum of the first and last numbers. If the European/Decimal oddis 3 (+200 American/MoneyLine) for example, you would stake $10, so as to win $20 back (the sum of the first and last number).

If you win, you tick off the first and last number. Otherwise, you add the amount of the stake you made, so that you need to win this back. In this case, you would have $10, $20, $40, $20, $10 and $10.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you win the amount you are aiming for.

The rationale behind this strategy is that you tick two items off the list when you win, but you only add one; so you are ticking it faster than you are adding. Below I discuss why this doesn’t make sense.

Winning ht-ft fixed matches big odds

To recommend or not to recommend?

While it is fun to deal with, I would not recommend any progressive staking methods. In essence, they suggest you bet and bet until you win the desired amount, without heeding the amount you afford to HT FT Fixed Matches Single Double Bets. Let ‘s assume you are betting on even odds and have a run of four losses. The next bet would then be $50, even if you had already lost $100.

Unlike the Kelly Betting strategy, no consideration is taken to the size of the portfolio.

It is important to remember that the key decision in sports betting should be whether the odds represent value, rather than how much can be won.

HT FT Fixed Matches Single Double Bets

A similar progressive system is the Fibonacci strategy, where you increase your betting stake fixed matches according to the Fibonacci sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 etc.


From an academic perspective, there have been three good papers discussing the use of this strategy to bet on draws. In 2007, Archontakis and Osborne stated that betting on draws at an odd of 3 using a Fibonacci Strategy would result in wins, if applied to World Cup Finals data.

Yet they didn’t use real data, so another team of researchers focused on real odds for draws and simulated the results (Is the soccer betting market efficient? A cross-country investigation using the MANIPULATED FIXED MATCHES AVAILABLE). They found that in 95% of the cases, the worst case scenario is to have to stake up to 43, if the Fibonacci strategy is used.

Double bet halftime fulltime fixed matches weekend

More recently, however, Lahvička debunked the theory of succes behind these methods by finding that all tested versions of this strategy eventually result in money loss. I would expect any progressive system to provide similar results.

So, tread on with caution. HT FT Fixed Matches Single Double Bets. Progressive systems are fun, but only while the fun lasts.

Bettors should always look for a mathematical edge rather than rely on their impulses. Learning how to use the Kelly Criterion, for example, is a great way for bettors to determine how much they should stake. Read on to find out.

Prior to placing a bet bettors should consider six important questions: who, what, when, where, why and how? This article, it is the how, as in how much to bet, we are interested in.

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cDo odds represent true probabilities of an event? A leisurely stroll in the library and the discovery of a highly cited academic book is what put Dominic Cortis on the quest to discover why odds deviate from actual results. Read on to find out what bettors can learn from behavioural economics.

A few weeks ago while strolling in the library, I noticed the book ‘Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioural Economics’ by Richard H. Thaler, a highly cited academic in the area and had to pick it up for a summer reading. The main idea of the book is to disprove traditional economics’ assumption that markets are shaped by rational forces. This is how I started investigating this brave new world of behavioural economics. In this article, I explain how this idea applies to betting.





Date: 13.09.2022     Day: Tuesday

League: EUROPE Champions League – Group Stage
Match: Bayern Munich  vs  Barcelona
Odds: 4.00     Fulltime 2:0


Date: 13.09.2022     Day: Tuesday

League: EUROPE Champions League – Group Stage
Match: Liverpool  vs  Ajax
Tip: OVER 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50       Fulltime ?:?


Date: 13.09.2022     Day: Tuesday

League: ENGLAND League One
Match: Ipswich  vs  Bristol Rovers
Odds: 1.35    Result: ?:?


Date: 13.09.2022     Day: Tuesday

League: ENGLAND National League
Match: Notts Co   vs  Aldershot
Odds: 1.30   Result: ?:?

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How do you build a sports betting model? What steps are involved? What do you need to consider? Follow PREDICTION 100 SURE MATCHES  steps to build your own quantitative model, and take your betting to the next level.


In it’s simplest form a sports betting model is a system that can identify unbiased reference points from where you can determine the probability for all outcomes in a particular game.

The model will ultimately be able to highlight profitable betting opportunities, by judging a team’s true ability more accurately than a bookmaker.

However, building a sports betting model can be difficult and time consuming. There are various instructions and orders advised for you to follow when creating a PREDICTION 100 SURE MATCHES, which can complicate the process.

With that said, once you have created a successful betting model, it can show you opportunities that the general betting public simply wouldn’t consider. Let’s begin.

For this example we use an approach similar to the Actuarial Control Cycle – a quantitative risk assessment employed by insurance companies. There are five main features:

  • Defining the problem
  • Building the solution
  • Monitoring results
  • Professionalism
  • External forces

Step 1: Specify the aim of your betting model

This appears simple, but many sports bettors miss the point their PREDICTION 100 SURE MATCHES is trying to accomplish.

Without an aim you could be overwhelme with numbers and lose focus of your overall goals.

Although you may argue you can get the data first to see if there are any patterns, this would still need to be test against a number of hypothesis, each with a different aim.

Therefore starting with a specific, rather than a generic aim, is strongly recommend.


Betting soccer matches today 1×2

Step 2: Select the metric

The next step is to formalise your investigation into numerical form by selecting a quantifiable metric.

These first two steps relate to defining the problem stage of the Actuarial Control Cycle.

Step 3: Collect, group and modify data

Every model needs data so you can integrate it into your algorithm. There are two ways of collecting data – by yourself, or by using other published data online.

Luckily, there is a plethora of data available on the Internet, some of which is free, while some websites offer a paid service.

Once you have the data, you may realise that there are queries that need to be taken care of.

If we are looking at Premier League teams for instance, should you consider all matches or just their league games? It’s possible to make adjustments if the team in question had players missing, or had a mid-week Champions’ League clash.

This is where you can exercise your judgement, determined by what your aim is.

Step 4: Choosing the form of your model

This is where the mathematics comes into play given there are so many models to choose from or invent.

We have proposed a number of models in the past and they can be as complex or as simple as you wish. Our recommendation is not to overcomplicate.

This step can be interchanged with step 3 as the data may lead you to use a PREDICTION 100 SURE MATCHES, or a particular model may require specific data.

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Step 5: Dealing with assumptions

Each model will have a number of assumptions, and you should be aware of their limitations. You may forget to do this, but it’s absolutely vital.

For example a significant contributor to the financial crisis in 2007-08 was the misuse of derivatives caused by a misunderstanding of assumptions in contracts such as Collateralised Debt Obligations and Credit Default Swaps.

Previously in this article we highlighted how averages and standard deviations assume events are normally distributed. This for example would need be tested.

Step 6: Build the sports betting model The next step is to actually build the sports betting model. There are numerous tools to use including online calculators, Excel, MatLab, Java, R programming and VBA.

You don’t have to be a wiz at programming to build a sports betting model, but the more you understand the functionality, the better equipped you will become when testing and analysing the data.

Step 7: Test the model It’s paramount that you test the efficiency of any sports betting model to understand how sensitive it is to the results.

In any case the results of the model may lead us to reconsider any of the previous steps.

The key question as always is whether or not the model is making a profit? Therefore you’d need to test that – leading you to running through the cycle again.

Step 8: Monitor results

Assuming that an adequate model has been built and tested, it needs to be maintained as time progresses. This leads us back to the starting point – defining future aims.