Date: 05.09.2022     Day: Monday

League: ITALY Serie A
Match: Torino  vs  Lecce
Odds: 1.80        Fulltime 1:0


Date: 05.09.2022     Day: Monday

League: ICELAND Besta-deild karla
Match: Breidablik  vs  Valur
Tip: OVER 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.45  Fulltime 1:0


Date: 05.09.2022     Day: Monday

League:NORWAY OBOS-ligaen
Match: Stabaek vs  Bryne
Tip: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.55    Result: ?:?


Date: 05.09.2022     Day: Monday

League: NORWAY OBOS-ligaen
Match: Raufoss  vs  Fredrikstad
Tip: OVER 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.55   Result: 2:1

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Best predicitons site for football

TOP FIXED MATCHES PREDICTION SITE Soccer bettors are increasingly looking for more profitable markets than 1X2, for which a lack of goals or a late equaliser can deny even the best judgments a winning bet. Straightforward way to try and beat the bookies on the soccer front is with the TOP FIXED MATCHES PREDICTION SITE.  This article offers a simple step-by-step guide on how to calculate probabilities for the expected number of goals in a match. Convert them into sure odds, so that you know what to bet on and what to avoid.


In comparison to most sports, scoring in soccer is a less frequent event and it is certainly not uncommon for a match to feature no goals whatsoever. This means that when it comes to betting fixed matches, bookmakers study the average number of goals scored per match for the two teams involved in the fixture in question when assessing the odds for the Over/Under markets.

If over 2.5 goals for a Premier League match is available with fixedmatches.cc. At 1.925 and another bookmaker is offering the same bet at 1.800, you know that you are better off at fixedmatches.cc. However, how you do assess if it is worthwhile betting your money on this TOP FIXED MATCHES PREDICTION SITE to begin with?

Soccer leagues and competitions have predominantly average between 2.5 and 3 goals per game in recent years. Although any given league or competition should be consider on an individual basis. For instance, last season the Hong Kong First Division averaged a massive 4.12 goals per game. In the El Salvador Premiera Division only mustered a mere 1.83.

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Step 2: Calculate the probabilities

The random nature of goal scoring enables statistics to follow a poisson distribution as a simple predictive model for Over/Under betting. It is important to establish what that means in practice.

In his book Taking Chances. John Haigh drafted a table that calculates the probabilities of a team scoring goals. None, one, two, three or four or more goals based on their average number of goals per game.

For a match where the home team has averaged 1.2 goals per game and the away side have averaged 0.8, it is easy to determine the probability for under 2.5 goals occuring by using the above table.

Firstly, determine the correct scores that will lead to a winning under 2.5 goals bet (0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1, 2-0, and 0-2). You can then find the respective probabilities for each team from the above table. Then mutiply them together to calculate the probability for each scoreline: TOP FIXED MATCHES PREDICTION SITE

Since we know the individual probabilities of each potential score that can lead to under 2.5 goals occurring, we can add them together to get the overall probability of the match ending in under 2.5 goals and, therefore, a winning under 2.5 goals bet.

In this example, that would be:

13.5% + 16.2% + 10.8% + 12.96% + 9.9% + 4.2% = 67.5%


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Step 3: Determine what odds are worth betting on

Once you have established the statistical probability of the match to end in less than 2.5 goals,then you are  in a position to determine which odds you should accept.

To convert probability into TOP FIXED MATCHES PREDICTION SITE, you use the following simple formula:

Decimal odds = 100 / probability

A 67.56% possibility corresponds to an equation of 100 / 67.56, which equates to decimal odds of 1.48.

This means that you should only bet on under 2.5 goals for a match if you find a bookmaker offering odds of higher than 1.48.

Naturally, this approach does not guarantee a winning bet. However, it does provide an easy to apply betting strategy with positive expected value that should secure profits over a long span of time when aggregrating your long-term losses and profits.

Do this research ahead of any match you are considering placing an Over/Under goals bet on and you can sit back and enjoy the action, knowing that you have put yourself in the best possible position to win your bet.


Wolves had yet to have a corner at that point, but between that moment and the full-time whistle they had seven while Arsenal only had two, to give them a total of four for the match.

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What would have appeared to be an unlikely corner count before the match began became a logical outcome as it unfolded, with the home side battling to equalise.

This shows the difficulty of predicting corner totals and either before or during a match. What may seem a likely outcome can easily be throw off track by a goal.

But as far as one of the less common markets goes, there is an opportunity to take advantage of a little research when placing a bet on corners.

If you find this corners betting article useful you may be interested in reading about our half-time/full-time betting strategy. We believe that with the above mentioned tips will help you in getting the best results in football fixed matches betting and you will earn great profits with bet365.com.