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Date: 16.09.2022     Day: Friday

League: POLAND Division 1
Match: Arka Gdynia  vs  Chrobry Glogow
Odds: 1.75     Fulltime 3:4


Date: 16.09.2022     Day: Friday

League: BULGARIA Parva liga
Match: CSKA 1948 Sofia  vs  Septemvri Sofia
Odds: 1.30       Fulltime 1:0


Date: 16.09.2022     Day: Friday

League: CYPRUS First Division
Match: Anorthosis  vs  Chloraka
Odds: 1.40    Fulltime 1:1


Date: 16.09.2022     Day: Friday

Match: Munich 1860   vs  Aue
Odds: 1.75    Fulltime 3:1

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Compare your predictions against the odds

It is important to remember that your soccer predictions don’t have to be exactly right in order to make a consistent profit from betting. They just need to be more accurate BIG ODDS FIXED MATCHES than the bookmaker and rest of the market. You also need to be right more often than you are wrong (losing is part of the process of winning in betting).

Once you have a method to make your soccer predictions.  They need to be convert into probability and compare against the odds offer by the bookmaker. When you have inefficiencies (your estimated probability of something happening is higher than what the bookmaker thinks). It is referr to as an “edge” – you can then stake amounts relative to your edge.

Measuring your return on investment from betting is a clear gauge of how successful you have been. However, this doesn’t give any indication of to how much skill is involved. BIG ODDS FIXED MATCHES closing line (the most efficient in the market). It is the most accurate reflection of what might happen before an event starts. So analysing your betting through a closing odds comparison can highlight how often you find value. If the bets you place have value, over time the profit will follow.


Don’t always trust other vip soccer predictions

Betting sure fixed matches daily

Given the level of difficulty in making successful sure soccer predictions over a long period of time. The temptation might be to copy (or pay) someone who appears to be good at it. The rise of best tipsters proves how people are more willing to put their faith in someone else. Rather than their own BIG ODDS FIXED MATCHES and with plenty of apparent “proof” of a good record, it’s easy to see why.

The first thing to remember when using these kinds of services is that the more people that use them. The less value it holds. This begs the question; why would people choose to give it away? Secondly, while you need to take the sample size of results into account. There is also an element of trust involved when analyzing tipster records.


Set your aim, measure success and adapt.

The difficulty in making soccer predictions shouldn’t be underestimated. There are steps one can take to inform these predictions and make them more accurate. But making a consistent profit from them is another task altogether. Before you start you need a clear aim of what you want to try and predict and how you intend to do it.

Data is imperative when it comes to BIG ODDS FIXED MATCHES. This will then help build a betting model that can be used to test your predictions and see if they make a profit. Whether or not you make profit using your model. It needs to be constantly refined, maintained and continually tested to ensure long-term success.

How to predict which matches are more likely to end in a draw

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Unlike higher-scoring sports, such as rugby and American football. A soccer match has a significant chance of ending up as a draw. In this article, our soccer expert, Mark Taylor, shows how to predict which matches are more likely to end in a draw. Easier said than done? Read on to find out.

Roughly 24% of Premier League matches finished in a stalemate between the 2013/14 season and 2017/18 season. The most likely drawn score line was 1-1 (42% of all draws) followed by a goalless game (32%) and 2-2 (22%).

Therefore, draws comprise around a quarter of the outcomes in a Premier League game. A season and are also an important component of bets made in the handicap betting markets.

Intuitively, a draw is more likely between two sides of relatively equal ability. Once the venue has been factored into the calculation.

A title contender hosting a struggling team will usually see the implied probability of a stalemate quoted at around 14%, whereas two mid-table teams in opposition will see the probabilities rise to around 30%.

This can be confirmed by applying the widely used Poisson Distribution to two nominally chosen equal sides.

Although a pure Poisson approach slightly underestimates the likelihood of a draw occurring in football, requiring an adjustment, the methodology is relatively straightforward.

Reliable Strong Fixed Matches

Reliable Strong Fixed Matches

Reliable Strong Fixed Matches

Date: 06.08.2022     Day: Satuday

League: ICELAND Lengjudeildin
Match: Thor Akureyri  –   Vestri
Tip: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.55    Result: 1:0

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Bet365 days single fixed matches

Have you heard about fixed sports matches and are considering if you could use them to boost your sports betting profits? While this may seem tempting, there is more than one reason to reconsider it. Reliable Strong Fixed Matches  and participating in it in anyway may get you will help you earn money. We examined the concept of fixed matches in great detail as well. As how it may impact the betting odds for various markets. Whether fixed matches are a sports betting concept you should be concerning yourself with.

Reliable Strong Fixed Matches

By definition, a fixed match would be one in which the final result or any part of it was tamper with. A fixed match would be one in which the two sides agreed beforehand as to the final result. This kind of match fixing, of course, is not legal anywhere in the world. However, numerous match fixing scandals have been discover\ throughout the years by the authorities in many countries.

There are many reasons to fix a match. The obvious one would be to make money by betting on the outcome of the game while knowing it beforehand. Numerous match fixing scandals related to sports betting have been discovered in the past. Many of them related to even the most popular sports competitions, such as Italian Serie A.

However Reliable Strong Fixed Matches, there are reasons to fix sports matches beyond sports betting. At times, certain results can benefit both competing sides, such as draws in eliminatory tournaments. It is consider highly unethical to come to an agreement as to the final result in sports. However, sometimes a deal is strike without even a word being say.

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True fixed matches are agreed and arranged. They are a product of criminal activity and participating in match fixing is illegal in practically every country of the world. However, what does this mean for the sports bettors? Is it legal to bet on a match if you know it is fix or not? Let’s explore!

Full Time Result

The most common football bet is on the match result or 90 minutes result. This can be call “WLD” (for win lose draw) “1×2” (be the pool notation for home win, draw and away win).

Reliable Strong Fixed Matches

Reliable Strong Fixed Matches

The Full-Time Result sounds straight forward enough which is why many punters put several matches together in a Reliable Strong Fixed Matches. Don’t be greedy as that last one you added in will often let you down! If you strongly fancy a particular outcome then bet on that one only!

Reliable Strong Fixed Matches  (Under/Over)

Also known as under/over, typically this is a two option bet on whether there will be more or less than the number of goals quote. Normally the bet is more or less than 2.5 goals but you will often see many variations. Again this is at the end of normal time. This is quite a popular bet as there are only two outcomes and often. It can be possible to predict high and low scoring games yet you don’t really have a clue what the score might be.

Correct Score agreed matches (CS)

This is predicting the score at the end of normal time. Scores are quotes as “Home Team Score – Away Team Score” so be sure to check you get things the right way round.

Reliable Strong Fixed Matches

There are many possible scorelines for a match so the odds can be quite high but also the chances of winning quite low. Often the odds offered by bookmakers on this market are not as competitive as some of the other bets so while a fun bet, it’s rarely a good investment.